Founded in the timeshare capital of the world, Clearshare was initially imagined as a driving force to change the timeshare resale market. By compiling, analyzing and distributing large amounts of public and proprietary data we ambitiously believed we could enlighten this space.

The initial data project was massive and took on a life of its own. Over a year and a half was spent sorting through $24 billion of resort sales data to isolate hundreds of millions of dollars of actual timeshare resales. Not wanting to stop there, we asked for your help to assemble a library of maps, floor plans and other resort documents to create a comprehensive database for education.

We continue to be driven by the belief that Clearshare can fuel an efficient, transparent and reliable secondary market. This effort brings legitimacy to not only each individual transaction, but to the resale market as a whole.

We are changing the timeshare resale market together.

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